Saturday, May 5, 2012

MUSIC is amazing

Today, was the first time I heard about the Beastie Boys on TV.

My entire life I couldn't enjoy music because I couldn't hear. Even if the volume was blasting in the car on volume 100. That wouldn't matter. I still couldn't understand. Usually I would feel the vibration which was pretty neat.

Now that I have a Cochlear Implant, I am able to understand MUSIC. For the first time. Now music has a big impact on my life. I realized that songs have meanings. When I listen to these amazing bands, I can relate to the songs.

I have had my Ipod for a few years now but never really used it when I wore hearing aids.  Using my processor I can pick up on almost every song that is playing.  I hear the base and even guitar, and the exact words they are saying. If there is a new song, I would not be able to hear it right away. I have to replay it a couple of times till I understand. NOW I CANT live without music.

The audio cable which came with my Cochlear Implant kit is the best because it goes right into my processor and I can hear word for word. The best part about it no one can HEAR the music and complain it is really LOUD.

Today, I took a nice walk and realized the volume was about 10% which isn't loud at all. The volumen was comfortable for me.  If you can hear the song, there is no NEED TO RAISE the VOLUME louder unless you want to go DEAF!

Being able to communicate with ease is a LIFE SAVER. Being able to listen to MUSIC is the greatest. Over the last few months I realized music calms me down. Listening to MUSIC is something I have to do everyday.

Later on in the day, I decided to listen to Beastie Boys on youtube and was having trouble at first. Once I replayed the song a few times, I was able to comprehend most of what the band was singing.

If I ever have the chance to go to the UK and meet with Graeme Clark, I wouldn't know what to say  other than Thank You and  cry because he invented the best gift ever.

Sometimes I feel like this is all a dream.

Simply Amazing....

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Kath said...

That's really neat you're able to understand music now... My audiologist hadn't been able to program my implant to the higher frequencies as it causes extreme dizziness in my eyes/head. So I just rely on my hearing aid in my one ear. I, too, have always loved music... I'm happy for you!

Danielle said...

Hi Kath- yeah it is amazing that I can understand music. Sorry your audiologist hasn't been able to program your implant. Did they say this is causing dizziness in your eyes and head? Have you ever gotten checked for Meniere's Disease? Hope this works out for you.

Sharon L Crouch said...

Danielle you are such a living example of how things can be so different when we make a choice to move forward in our lives change comes.

Sharon L Crouch said...

Hope you got my comment. Love you Girl. So proud to have you as a CI buddie.

Danielle said...

Thanks so much Sharon for your kind words!

Anonymous said...

you're amazing.


great post.

Danielle said...

Hey Deb- it has been a long time! hope all is well... thanks for the comment!

Danielle said...

Hey Deb- it has been a long time! hope all is well... thanks for the comment!