Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Checkup & Activation Day

I cant believe tommorow will be 1 week since surgery. Time sure does go by fast! Today I went into the city for a checkup. Surgeon said my incinsion looks good. I asked a few questions that I had concerns about. Everything is good. I can no longer get MRIS I have 2 ID CARDS I have to carry around with me at all times stating that I have a CI. I also have MRI/AIRPORT card. In July it will be my first TRIP to DISNEY WORLD and my first trip on an airplane with a CI. I am feeling good. MUCH MUCH BETTER. So I put that behind me and now I am very excited for ACTIVATION DAY! I wanted to say that everyone is different after surgery my friends were able to go to stores right after surgery however in my case I had it a little rough. I have a high tolerance of pain because I havent been well for almost 4 years so I can tolerate it. All the pain is gone and now I am just SORE and thats normal still a little stiff but I will be fine. I am still dizzy a little well it comes and it goes. I cannot BEND OR LIFT for 4 weeks surgeon saids because it will pull the incision. I am sleeping much better as well. As far as the Tinnitus ( ringing in the ears) it is normal and most likely it will go away its pretty worst than what it was before surgery but its okay he gave me XANEX he said to take it if it gets really bad it RELIVES the pain. COOL never knew that after all these years with TININTUS.

I recieved an email a little while ago about my ACTIVATION DAY! My activation day is March 8th and followup mapping is March 11th, 2011!!!!! YAYYY Before you know it will be here and I cant wait to share my journey with you all.

Have a great night and I will be back on Sunday. Sunday I am going to my FIRST Broadway Show " Lion King" in ASL. This should be fun. I am excited. Front Row to and 10 minutes after the show my friend and I get to meet the cast and there will be an interpreter there as well. Pretty neat! I will be back to tell you my experience.



Anonymous said...

Love you Dani, Nannie and of course PaPa :)

Frieda said...

Wow! I think you should get a med bracelet that states NO MRI's. It might be beneficial if you were in an accident and were unresponsive.

I'm happy to hear that you are better! I hope your tinnitus goes away!

I'm also thrilled (and a little jealous) that you'll see Lion King!

Danielle said...

Thanks Frieda! Ill let you know how it goes and ill try and snap one picture if i can but im front row lol. no pictures aloud but ill try!!!