Wednesday, February 16, 2011

The Lion King on Broadway

On Sunday Feburary 13, 2011, I saw my FIRST broadway show ever " The lion king." This show was Interpreted for those that are deaf and know ASL. The show was AMAZING! My bestfriend and I went to see the show. We waited about 8 months to see this! It was worth the wait. I was so excited and was so glad we went. We were 5 rows in the orchestrea area and the 3 interpreters were just awesome! After the show we were able to meet with the cast and ask questions. Many people asked questions to the chidren who were in the play " if they go to school and how they do the show if they are in school". The kids Zimba- who played the boy explained that he leaves school at 1:30pm and then comes to the city to do the shows. The girl who played Naila- also said she leaves school early to come to preform. Both kids were young about maybe 10 years ago I would say. Then finally more and more people from the cast came out after they changed there clothing asked questions. It was a great show! I tried to take a picture and I got caught ( HEY U LIVE U ONCE) LOL. The security guard comes over and flashes the bright flashlight in my eyes okay its okay if the other side takes pictures i saw cameras flashes. NO LUCK FOR ME! lol. So I tried and it didnt happen. This was the best show I have ever seen. I finally can say I went to a broadway show! YAYYY. Here is a video from youtube its a commerical for the lion king show.

IT IS NOT CAPTIONED! IM SORRY. For me to caption this is impossible.


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