Sunday, February 6, 2011

Surgery was Successful

Hey Everyone:
I had surgery on Wednesday Feburary 2, 2011. All I remember was at 930am they walked me to the room. the nurse said im going to put an IV in and thats was it. I saw my surgeon before surgery. I was happy about that. He did a great job! Surgery was successful however I didnt do to good with the anesthesia. I finally woke up about 6pm took me most of the day to wake up my parents said. I kept vomitting,dizzyness & the pain I cant even tell you it was bad. I didnt even realize it was over until I actually got into the car. I finally left the hospital that same day at 6:30pm. I just kept vomitting it wouldnt end. The nurse didnt want me to leave. They gave me meds but i had an empty stomach. I was in alot of pain I mean alot. So that is why I couldnt make it on the computer. Its now Sunday im doing okay I feel naucious sometimes and im really dizzy pain is gone. Neck is stiff and im moving it because everyone is telling me to because the dr said you will regret it if you dont. So Im moving it and it hurts. R eye is Swollen that started 2 days ago and my eyes are like brown from vomitting so much. He said its normal. So right now I feel pretty dizzy but I had so many emails I wanted to come on and let you all know Im okay. Thank you all for the wonderful emails and messages!

I go see my surgeon Feb 8th im leaving the house at 7am appointment is at 9am for a checkup. After that I schedule an appointment for ACTIVATION! I cant believe its over. I have to go rest Im not feeling so good. I cant lift or do much for another 3-4 weeks! YIKES.

ACTIVATION IS in 4 weeks I dont know the day YET.

*** Warning for those that Cant look***


Dad took off the bandage on Thursday afternoon! Phew


I will be back soon!



Frieda said...

Wow...that looks so tender and swollen! I'm glad that you are feeling somewhat better. Can't wait till activation day, either!

Danielle said...

Thanks yes it is! I cant wait either Im finally thinking about ACTIVATION!

SpeakUp Librarian said...

Thanks for the update, Danielle.