Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Fire Safety for people with Hearing Loss at a HLAA meeting

Yesterday on Feburary 15, 2011 I went into the city with my friend to learn about " Fire Safety for people with hearing loss." It is actually my first Fire Safety class and I have learned alot last night. It was a very informative meeting and I really enjoyed it. Everyone was so happy I was there & was so happy I have the implant. Many people wanted to see my Scar so I showed them. So this meeting we learned alot about SAFETY and what to do before a FIRE and much more how to prevent a fire from happening etc. We also recieved a free Lifetone Fire Alarm from the Fire Dept as well as a Smoke Alarm! This meeting was packed filled with people with hearing loss that either wear hearing aids or cochlear implants. Today I am going to be putting up my smoke alarm and activating the new Fire Alarm lifetone alarm. The strobe can go either under your pillow or under the bed and it will shake the bed to alert you there is a FIRE. This alarm clock is pretty expensive retail is about $200.00 and this will last us about 10 years. Remember every month you must check your Smoke Alarm to make sure it working condition. My dad is a fireman and we do have smoke alarms in my house. I also have a Strobe light in my ROOM I believe for the doorbell only but it doesnt work. I am going to have it fixed. Its new and its never been used its just sitting on my wall. Last night when I came home around 10pm after realizing my " HUMAN ERROR" as the fire dept called it yesterday with extension cords in the walls or outlets lmao well i unplugged about 25 outlets lol and didnt realize it was a fire hazard... Dad would of killed me if he knew but thankfully he doesnt come up here so he never knew haha. So now I feel a little bit better that everything is UNPLUGGED! Although Lately for the past 1 year or so I have been scared and toss and turn because I cannot hear at night. Its frightening to me see I never heard wellw ith my ears but now that im in COMPLETE SILENCE pure SILENCE it is a bit scary for me. So i think once this new lifetone clock is in I will be okay.

& TODAY HAPPENS TO BE 2 WEEKS SINCE MY CI SURGERY!!! :) I am doing well. I am fine. I can do things now. It was just a little awful reaction first few days lol. I still cant bend because I get dizzy (normal) and lift for another 3 weeks. Other than that I am back to my daily lifestyle. I am in NO PAIN and it so happens yesterday I realized I dont feel it anymore. It feels like the implant is not even there. PHEW! & I cant sleep on it yet dr said i can but no Im not a fan of that yet. I have been sleeping alot also! Which helped.

Hope you all have a great day today is Sunny snow is slowing dissapearing and I cannot wait for SPRING! Its been a horrible WINTER here in NY and I never seen so much snow in my life. How many more days till SPRING????? oh i cant wait.

In July is even more exciting my first trip to DISNEY WORLD! This is going to be an exciting summer!


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