Wednesday, March 30, 2011

3 Weeks since Activation

Hi Readers: I wanted to stop by on Tuesday, March 29th, 2011 but I didnt have the time. On Tuesday was 3 weeks since Activation. I am doing very well. My last post I was a little dissapointed but My brain has gotten used to this program. I am still on Program 3 since my last mapping. Program 1 and 2 are just to low. I am comfortable with program 1 altho I am still having a bit trouble with coversations and Im not getting it. So I think it needs to be up louder. I did try program 4 Im not happy with that program either. I am hoping thats this is happening maybe because 3 electrodes are off bc of the shocking pain I had in my face...? I hope! I had to reschedule my 3rd MAPPING im going April 7th. Yesterday I went outside it was a nice out sat on the pourch and I heard my dads pond. Pretty cool never heard that before. I heard the family business trucks which is across the street. I heard a car goin by that was very SQUEAKY noise. Then I heard my moms windchimes so cool sounded like DING DING DING. At first I couldnt get where it was coming from then I looked up and realized that must be it because it was blowing from the wind. I hear music very well and I love my audio cable. I also tried the Telecoil today with my cellphone m4/t4 rated I have the HTC EVO SHIFT TOUCH SCREEN new phone. I love it. I heard very well. It was just a BIT LOW. Altho the vol was high and so was my cell. So I think after my Mapping I will be set.

I cant beleive its 3 weeks. Time flys like CRAZY. So far been an amazing experience and I wouldnt change it for anything. About my Incision is nice and pink its so itchy drives me insane mostly at night I know its still healing. its only been 1 month. Its pink and You cant even see it. My hair grows so fast that I cant even notice anything. PERFECT! So it was worth the pain for 2 days!!!!!!

Here is a quick picture a bit better than the first one.

Have a wonderful night!

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