Monday, June 27, 2011

Arlene Romoff

I had the pleasure meeting Arlene at one of the New York City HLAA meetings almost a year ago. Her first book Hear Again was such a great book. Through out the entire book I kept saying " That is me" " how does she know that?" Her journey also inspired me to think about Cochlear Implants. This was when I was recently lost my hearing and was in SILENCE. I didn't know much about implants. I only had one friend with bilateral implants at the time. Then Arlene came out with her second book " Listening Closely" which is about her Bilateral Cochlear Implant experience. Arlene was recently on TV to talk about her hearing loss here are 6 videos that are captioned which is now on YOU TUBE.

Arlene has her own Blog that she just recently started check it out Listen to Arlene

All Video's are CAPTIONED! You dont have to do anything the caption is on the video.

Have a good night!

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