Saturday, June 11, 2011

Evaluation Letter

Yesterday I received a letter in the mail from my clinic. At first I was worried because I wasn't expecting anything in the mail.Once I opened it it said Audiological Evaluation. I knew I did so well because my audiologist said so. This is what the letter said's.

History: In February 2011, I was implanted with the Nucleus System 5 Cochlear Implant in my right and I received the external components one month later. Her primary mode of communication is through spoken language; she also uses ASL.

IMPRESSIONS: As part of today's evaluation, Danielle's unaided hearing was tested in both ears. She was tested by means of standard audiometry with pure tone stimuli. Results revealed a mod-severe sloping to profound hearing loss for the left ear, and an essentially profound hearing loss for the right ear from 250-8000HZ.

Technology: Danielle came to this evaluation using a MAP in her CP810-speech processor composed int eh ACE processing strategy in her right cochlear implant. Responses to narrow band noise were considered to be of good reliability, indicating threshold levels of 10-20 dbHL!!!!!! for the frequency range of 250-6000 HZ with her CI. These findings indicate that she has full access to SPEECH AT NORMAL AND SOFT CONVERSATIONAL LEVELS when using her Nucleus 5 cochlear implant.

Speech Perception: Speech discrimination test used and scores are as followed:
AZ BIO Sentences: 88%

Word recognition was assessed, in quiet, using recorded CNC word lists. Results were judged to be good. Recorded AZBIO sentence scores in quiet were judge to be very good and in noise were judged to be poor. These findings indicate that she has made progress with her cochlear implant over the past three months.

I wanted to share this with you because it made my day and I'm so happy I am doing well considering it has only been 4 months. Isn't this amazing???

PS: My last post about how day of evaluation went I wrote that my audiologist wants me to wear a hearing aid in my LEFT ear. However because of my situation I decided just to hear with one ear. I dont want it this way either but my OTICON EPOQ doesn't benefit me and its brand new rarely used it. So... once vacation and everything settles down I will go for testing to see if I'm a candidate for an Implant for my LEFT ear. I sure hope I can go bilateral someday.

Hugs- Danielle

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