Tuesday, June 7, 2011

My first 3 month Cochlear Implant Evaluation

Today was my first CI evaluation since it has been 3 months with my implant I had to be tested in the booth. I was really nervous. My audiologist first had me listen to alot of BEEPS and TONES. Then after that she put on a cd she said to repeat the sentences even if I dont get it all just say " what you hear". I heard every sentence! She told me I did so well that she had to put in a different CD and made it a little harder for me by adding background noise. It was rough. At first the person speaking was all jumbled after the second sentence I was able to hear most of the words. At first I heard the sentence " That is the wrong thing to say." " The boy ate an apple." "Would you like to go out to dinner with me sometime." " I like to ride my bike." Then it got harder and harder then I wasn't able to hear the entire sentence so I started to get upset and frustrated. I kept pushing myself closer to the speaker. Literally straining to try and come up with what the person said. I was able to get two words out of each sentence. Overall, I am so happy I did very well.

My audiologist told me that I should start to use my hearing aid in my LEFT ear now since its been 3 months using my cochlear implant. The only problem with this situation is that this clinic doesn't have an audiologist for Hearing aid patients in ADULTS only children. So I have a few options. A: I either go to a different audiologist for just my hearing aid. B: I buy PHONAK which is the only hearing aid my clinic has and she would be able to program it for me as well as my CI. The problem is insurance and money. I just spent alot of money on the BRAND NEW OTICON EPOQ hearing aids last year. Only worn them 3 weeks tops. I have alot to think about.

Then she tested me in the booth for my Left ear only because I was told her I was having trouble. She said my hearing is still the same in that ear since I was tested four months ago. Then she also TESTED my implanted ear WITHOUT! I SWEAR WITHOUT the CI.I heard something it was so loud though and mostly vibration. I had some HEARING! I thought I was dreaming. She did tell me SOME PEOPLE do have A " LITTLE hearing left" and just wanted to see. Sure enough I do. COOL!

Finally we went back to the room testing was over. She couldn't believe how well I was doing. I didn't even HAVE TO LOOK AT HER!

I once again told her its frustrating I cant wear my CI with my hair down. Told her to get out the huggie once again and this time I took off the snugfit she had some other audiologist put the huggie on my implant and it WORKS! SO FAR. My implant finally stays on my ear! I didnt try it with my hair down yet so we will see. I think the huggie is a bit small but she said NO! My ears are so small its ridiculous. But with the huggie on my ear looks weird and it sticks out more and its RED. Im going to ask my friends at the convention next week many of them wear a huggie with the implant. Here is a picture of how it looks. I think its on wrong because my ear feels all twisted and uncomfortable.Well- its better than nothing at this moment. My implant stayed on all the way home but I dont want to look weird. Any suggestions??

My audi told me there is no need to keep changing my program because I'm doing so well with the program I am on now. I am on program four and now that is called an EVERYDAY program which I will probably use all the time. She also put on a NOISE program as well as a MUSIC and a ZOOM program. Pretty neat. My audiologist advice me to not change it so often just as needed.

Here is today's audiogram. With my cochlear implant I am hearing 10db! My Left ear is still severe soon I will be using a hearing aid.

I cant wait for next week! My first HLAA Convention. I hope to get to meet many of you in D.C!!!

Smile-Hugs- Danielle

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