Friday, November 25, 2011

Freedom Processor Trial

This morning, I went to NYC to see my audiologist because the Freedom processor I received in the mail " wasn't working". There was no sound. Turns out the processor that was sent from cochlear was never mapped. That was why I couldn't hear anything and started to panic.

 Today my audiologist programmed a new "mapp" that is slightly different. I also had to listen to high pitch beeps/tones, say some words with the freedom processor. My audiologist wants me to use the Freedom for one month  to see if there is any difference. I will ONLY be using my Nucleus 5  for Music and for the Noise program since I dont have that option with the freedom. I have to keep a log of how this freedom is working the entire month. I will be going back on Dec 30th for a followup.  If the freedom works then she will have to tell Cochlear and we will go from there. Right now its just a waiting game. I hope that I will be able to go back to my N5. It's just not the same. The freedom is pretty heavy, falls off my ear with the ear mold, runs on 3 batteries which Im not used to. I also miss my remote more than anything. I CAN HEAR SOUND!!!  I am going to stick it out and be thankful I CAN HEAR! At this point thats all that matters to me is being able to HEAR.  This just has been frustrating.

Next week I will be back to tell you how the freedom is working...

In the meantime I found one of Gallaudet University's " Quiet Campus" episode. The video is short and captioned.



Stephen M. Young II said...

Thank you for posting about these struggles of yours here on the blog. Your journey is encouragement for others. I too use a cochlear implant. I've only been activated for 3 weeks, and am hearing very little so far. (I blog about it too)

Anyhow. I want you to know that I prayed for you today and I will continue to pray for you, that you find the solution and that your hearing via the ci serves you well.

God bless you,

Danielle said...

Hi Stephen, Thank you for your comments. Congrats about activation. Its different for everyone my advice is to just be PATIENT. I wish you the best and look forward to reading your blog.

EmmaVerdona124 said...

the follow up of yours falls on my bday which I will turn 17!