Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Received the Freedom Processor today

I received the freedom processor in the mail today. I put it all together coil, cable etc. A friend showed me how the freedom processor since she is a bilateral freedom user. I only have P1 on the processor and there was NO SOUND. I was suppose to have all  programs P1-P4.  She even tried it NO SOUND. I left a message for my audiologist who I will be seeing Friday. Maybe it was never mapped. I dont know why there is NO SOUND. I am a bit worried. The point of getting the freedom was to try it out to see if it works....

I just dont get it. I called cochlear and they said " Wait for your audiologist."

In the meantime... My N5 is working and has been fine for two days. All of this is just STRANGE!

What a difference which each processor the N5 is amazing.  I dont care for the freedom ( my opinion). Its just to big for me and It falls off my ear.  I am just getting nervous because Finals are coming up in college and I just hope everything will be okay.

To be Continued on Friday.......

Below is a picture of my N5 and the Freedom Processor.

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