Monday, November 21, 2011

Graeme Clark wins an award

Graeme Clark is the one that invented Cochlear Implants. This man saved my life because my entire life I struggled getting by with hearing aids and then I lost all of my hearing suddenly. This year I am so Thankful for my cochlear implant without my implant I would be miserable. Being isolated my entire life over my hearing loss was a set back for me. I was always shy and nervous when people where around me.  My N5 has opened many doors for me. I am able to communicate with ease. I may not catch 100% of what your saying all the time times but remember one thing nothing is perfect. This has been the best few months of my life. Regardless of some technical problems im experiencing now. I wouldn't trade this for anything in the world. I am able to hear for the first time in college, hearing students all the way in the back of the room is amazing. Hearing a two year old is priceless. Hearing on the telephone is amazing.

Graeme definitely deserves this awards and I hope someday I can meet him.

Check out the article below.

Cochlear Implant Scientist 

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