Sunday, November 23, 2008


I was cooking dinner tonight for my boyfriend and him and my father yelled to get my attention to see this christmas commericial. This is the 2nd Commericial that I have seen on tv that relates to deafness and ASL. I am so happy that I saw this.
take a look

Since the whole thing isn't captioned, I've written it out here to the best of my lipreading abilities:

Man: I'm sorry my signing isn't so good.

Woman: You're doing fine!

Man: I'm learning some new signs...for you.

Woman: Really?!

Man turns and grabs a gift.

Man: Merry Christmas!

Woman gazes at her brand new watch and sighs with awe.

(Commercial goes to something about Kay Jewelers. I have no idea if they're saying anything. Not sure if it was captioned on the TV since I missed that part. )

Man: Do you like it?

Woman: Read my lips. (She smiles)



Laura's medical journey said...

wow its amazzzzzing! i heard what he said :)
They dont use british sign language on our commercials which is a shame! It would be good to involve more deaf people in commercials! :) x

LaRonda said...

That was so sweet!

You know, my husband, who was still my boyfriend at the time, and I have a similar story. We met in the summer of 1981. I was deaf and used sign language. He was hearing and knew very little. We dated for 17 days before we returned to our separate colleges out of state.

But when we returned to our family homes in the same area that Christmas, he came over and we exchanged gifts. One of his gifts was he gift of sign language. He had secretly been taking ASL classes while we were away. When he signed Merry Christmas, LaRonda, it brought tears.

This commercial brought back sweet memories.

Thanks for sharing.

~ LaRonda

Danielle said...

ooo Wonderful LaRonda! Glad you liked this!

Laura- There is a written statement out somewhere that deaf people are trying to get more Deaf commercials out there! I am so thrilled I have to find this letter. But this is the 2nd commericial and I am very thrilled.The other one I can email you.