Sunday, November 16, 2008

Hearing Aid and Cochlear Implant Sweat Bands

Whoever wears a BTE hearing aid or a Cochlear Implant and has a problem with moisture and prespiration this product called Hearing Aid Sweat Bands can be purchased here .

What is a Hearing Aid Sweat Band? The hearing aid sweat band is a piece of Fabric that protects your hearing aid or CI from damanaging from mositure and prespiration. You can wear it all the time. Especially while outdoors and play a sport. One of the many benefits is that you can avoid expensive hearing aid repairs. You are also able to control your hearing aid or CI while it is on.

I am deafinitely going to buy this because I learned that moisture will effect my hearing aid and I rather spend a few dollars on something that will help keep the moisture away so I can avoid expensive hearing aid repairs.

If you buy it let me know what you think.


Xandra said...

I thought I needed a new set of hearing aids, but my Audiologist could repair the ones I was using. What a nice surprise. hearing aid repairs fremont ca

Hearing Aid Accessories said...

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