Saturday, November 29, 2008

Bilateral cochlear implants: When one's good and two is better

Today I got this email about Bilateral Cochlear Implants and I thought this article was very intestering so I wanted to post it here. For those of you that are thinking of going Bilateral for yourself or for your children you should read this.

click here

I havent been around for a few days because I slept over Will's because his mom asked me to decorate the christmas tree. It was alot of fun as always.

Tonight I am going with my entire family to a Breast Cancer Benefit. Joanne recently had a double mastectomy with limited medical insurance. Joanne is my future brother in law Mother. So tonight is all about JOANNE and I wish for you a speedy recovery. Joanne You are always in my prayers and Im very happy you loved the breast cancer bracelet I gave you along with the mass card. You deserve the best!


Laura's medical journey said...

aww decorating the xmas tree! :D

Aw how great that u are supporting Joanie! :) x

Shari said...

You are so supportive of your future MIL. :) That's wonderful that you have such a good relationship with her.