Friday, November 14, 2008

EU May Limit Volume on Ipods and MP3 players

Individuals listening to personal stereo devices may find that the volume level just isn’t as loud if European Union’s Scientific Committee on Emerging and Newly Identified Health Risk has their way.

According to committee researchers, one out of ten users listen to music at decibel levels that cause permanent hearing damage. MP3 players and the like with the use of in-ear headphone phones, commonly called “earbuds,” have the ability to reach 120dB. Hearing damage can begin as low as 90dB (think truck traffic). 120dB is 5 points louder than a rock concert. Ultimately this could put up to 10 million people in the EU at risk.

Typically younger people are the ones at risk for this type of hearing damage and the committee’s concern is that these music devices will eventually have a long-term negative impact on the health of their constituents.

A British study found that 6.9 per cent of people aged 18 to 25 played their personal stereos louder than 90dB. The Royal National Institute for Deaf People has calculated that more than two thirds of young people who regularly use MP3 players face premature hearing damage.

As well as hearing loss and tinnitus, loud noise can also affect the memory, attention, school performance and may even lead to higher blood pressure, according to some studies.

Apple, makers of iPod have introduced software that can limit the volume of their device, but only after being ordered to do so by the French government or have their products removed from stores.

The European Commission is organizing a conference to discuss the findings and is expected to recommend a reduction in the maximum legal volume of these personal stereo devices.

I thought this was a very interesting email i got this morning thought to share it with you all. I use to listen to my IPOD.. and to tell you the truth when it was on the HIGHEST volume level it could go to I still couldnt hear as much just MUMBLES. My POINT is I stopped using my ipod because my hearing loss gradually decreased because I kept the the Volume so loud on the Ipod I believe thats why I lost more of my hearing. Thats what I Believe. Studies do show just like this article which came from a Doctor whos that you can damange your ears. I deafinitely agree with this article and If u do have an IPOD OR MP3 SET IT to a proper volume same goes with ur kids if they have these devices you can set the volumes and they wont be able to touch it unless u unlock it yourself.

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Laura's medical journey said...

I keep warning my brother about stuff like that! That he might go deaf if hes playing at high volume on his ipod! And hes experienced tempory hearing loss due to an bad ear infections and he said he never wanted that again! He also felt symphathy for me haha and knows now what i go through without the cochlear implant! That showed him!!! x