Saturday, March 5, 2011

Activation Day is almost Here!

Its Saturday night everyone keeps asking me " ARE YOU EXCITED" " WHEN'S ACTIVATION." I seriously feel like i been saying the answer for years yet its only 4 weeks. I cannot believe only 2 more days till ACTIVATION DAY on TUESDAY MARCH 8TH, 2011!!!!! Thank you all for the amazing support it really means alot to me. It hasn't hit me yet I am excited but the actual day hasn't come and that's when I'm going to get nervous! Im leaving about 11 appointment is 2pm. Its a 2 hour appointment so its going to be a long day for me! My incision is look really good its pink and the top hasn't peeled off yet which is driving me nuts because I have OCD issues lol. It has healed very nicely and you can barely see it. The tinnitus is AWFUL. Surgeon is on vacation so I dont have anymore XANEX and apparently the on call Dr. doesnt want to call me back altho I called 4 x I gave up so Im suffering with barely any sleep. My surgeon is awesome! I lucked out I am glad I picked him after all! A big thanks to one of my HLAA meetings he came to one of them and spoke about Implants about 3 years ago. This was way before I even went deaf in this ear but I remembered him from the meeting!

I hope you are all doing well. All of your journeys I have been reading daily and Its a big inspiration to me and I seriously never in my life did I learn so much in such a short amount of time. Cochlear Community is just amazing and Im glad that there is a support group out there!

PS-- I CANT WAIT TO HEAR! Ahhhh! Its so exciting. All the " WHATS IF'S" are in my head. I must say though.. I do LOVE the option that I can be IN SILENCE WHEN I WANT TO :) Sometimes I do need it so its nice to have BOTH WORLDS.

Eventually I would love love love to become a Cochlear Volunteer! That is one of my goals for the future once everything falls into place.

Have a great weekend!

I promise I will be back March 8th, 2011 the day of ACTIVATION! I will posting pictures as well.



bioniclissa said...

Am excited for you, can't wait to read about your special day and your journey to hearing again

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing Danielle. We are excited for you!

Anonymous said...

This is such a long journey for you and I know how difficult it is not to hear. (my sister in law is completely deaf) To hear the things you have longed for..I am soo excited for you Danielle!