Friday, August 26, 2011

Audiological Evaluation 6 month Post Implantation

Today I received the audiological evaluation in the mail. This is amazing I had to share.

History: Danielle was born with Bilateral hearing loss, which worsened approximately two years ago. The etiology of her hearing loss is unknown; however she has been diagnosed with disease. In February 2011, Danielle was implanted with a Nucleus System 5 cochlear implant in her right and she received the external components one month later.

Technology. Danielle came tot his evaluation using a MAP in her CP810-processor composed in the ACE processing strategy in Meniere's her right cochlear implant. Danielle was tested by means of standard audiometry in the sound field. Responses to narrow band noise were considered to be of good reliability, indicating threshold levels of 5-20 dBHL for the frequency range of 250-6000 Hz with her cochlear implant. These findings indicated that danielle has full access to speech at normal and soft conversational levels when using her cochlear implant.

Speech Perception: Speech discrimination testing was performed at this evaluation.

Test Condition Right Cochlear Implant
CNC Word List 50 dBHL 80%

50 dBHL S/N +5 75% ( P1- " Everyday")
80% ( P2 - " Noise")

Word recognition scores in quiet, using recorded CNC word list, were judged to be good. Sentence recognition scores, using recorded AZBio sentences, were judged to be very good in quiet and good in noise. These findings indicate a significant improvement in speech perception in noise since the previous evaluation (75%-80% today compared to 41% three months ago).

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