Wednesday, August 24, 2011


Today I went into the city for a full evaluation. My audiologist put me in the sound booth. I listened to beeps then I had to listen to sentences. This time it was a harder test than the first evaluation.

First I had to use my Everyday Program and listen to the sentences with the background noise ex: " Today was a rough day.", " Have a great day at work", " Her hair is very long." then it started getting harder. " I have to go to take out the garbage, then go to the food store." The sentences got longer and longer and I did AMAZING! WOHOOOOOO.

Jill said to try my NOISE PROGRAM with the background noise. I had to repeat different voices (male and female) of a conversation. It seemed harder with when I couldn't understand what the Male said. I started to get frustrated. She wanted to see the difference from the EVERYDAY and the NOISE.

My audiologist was very impressed. I am comfortable with her and she tells me everything too!

CNC WORD LIST was the same from the first evaluation that was 80% ( WHICH IS STILL GREAT SHE SAID)

Then the BIO SENTENCES: My first evaluation back 6/7/2011 I scored 41% . TODAY: I got 89% WOHHOOO!

I couldn't believe it. I thought it did bad. What a difference in three months. I was so happy I was going to Jump out of the chair and do a dance! LOL. My audiologist will send me the full evaluation report within the week.

I am still hearing in the NORMAL RANGE which is 10 db!!!!!! WOHOOO So she didn't want to do a mapping because she feels this is a great program for me. I will continue to stay on this program. She also said that if we put it so loud it will be overwhelming.

Then she took an impression of my EAR for an Ear mold because the implant keeps falling off. It happens every second because my ears are tiny ( I guess thats the reason why). The ear mold will be sent to my house. It will arrive in 2 weeks.

Remember that Warbly sound I was telling you about.... it was driving me crazy of course it didn't happen TODAY but she did say that she thinks it could be the batteries since everything was replaced. Hasn't happened in a few days so KNOCK ON WOOD! She did ask if I was putting it in the DRY & STORE. I told her every night i put it in there. I'll let it go.

Here is my audiogram from today: I was so proud I had to scan it. I never in my life thought I would hear so well. Its amazing to be able to hear!!!!!!!!!!!!

Here are both evaluations: ( CLICK ON PHOTO TO MAKE BIGGER)

I dont have to go back till NOVEMBER 22, 2011. After this appointment, it will be every 6 months.

Hope you are all having a great day!


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