Friday, December 12, 2008

Acronym Meanings to Know

Today I got an email from a friend of mine and she didnt understand what the abbrevations for ABI (Auditory Brainstem Implant)was. My bestfriend happens to have an ABI thats why she has emailed me and thought, I could help explain what the device does.

Anyways after doing that I thought it would be wise to take a good hour or so to write a list of all the Acronyms I knew and possibly could think of. The list is pretty long but I wanted to share this with all of you because many of these Acronyms I use in my blogs. Plus it would be good information to pass this along to a friend!

If there is One that I missed and you would like me to add it for you, please let me know and I will be happy to add it.


ABI Auditory Brainstem Implant
ABR Auditory Brainstem Response
ADA Americans with Disabilities Act
ADDC Assistive Device Demonstration Center
AGB Alexander Graham Bell Association ( Wonderful Organization
ALD Assistive Listening Device
ALDA Association of Late Deafened Adults (
ALS Assistive Listening System
AN Auditory Neuropathy
ASL American Sign Language
ASP Automatic Signal Processing
AT Assistive Technology
ATA American Tinnitus Association (
AVT Auditory Verbal Therapy
BAER Brainstem Auditory Evoked Response
BAHA Bone Anchored Hearing Aid
BTE Behind The Ear (hearing aid)
BICROS Binaural Contralateral Routing Of Signal
BSL British Sign Language
C & T Comfort and Threshold Levels for CI Mapping (High and Low)
CA Communications Assistant (Relay)
CAN Computer Aided Notetaking
CAPD Central Auditory Processing Disorder
CART Computer Aided RealTime captioning
CASE Conceptually Accurate Signed English
CC Closed Captioned
CHHA Canadian Hard of Hearing Association
CHS Canadian Hearing Society
CI Cochlear Implant
CIC Completely In the Canal (hearing aid)
CICI Cochlear Implant Club International
CROS Contralateral Routing Of Signal
DAI Direct Audio Input
dB decibel
ENT Ear Nose and Throat Doctor
EASe Electronic Auditory Stimulation effect
ENG ElectroNystamoGraphy
HA Hearing Aid
HAC Hearing Aid Compatible
HAT Hearing Assistance Technology
HATIS Hearing Aid Telephone Interconnect System
HCO Hearing Carry Over (using relay to supplement speech not hearing)
HI Hearing Impaired
HINT - Hearing in Noise Testing
HLAA- Hearing Loss Association of America
HOH Hard Of Hearing
IDEA Individuals with Disabilities Education Act
IEP Individualized Education Program
IFHOH International Federation of Hard of Hearing Organizations
IL Inductive Loop (aka Audio Loop)
ITC In the Canal (hearing aid)
ITE In The Ear (hearing aid)
IVRS Interactive Voice Response System
LC Low Cut (HA adjustment)
LR Lip Reading
MAP Making A Pathway to hearing. The way a Cochlear Implant's processor's parameters are set to deliver sound.
MCL - Most Comfortable Level
MRI Magnetic Resonance Imaging
NAD National Association of the Deaf (
NF2 NeruoFibromatosis type 2 (
NTID National Technical Institute for the Deaf (
OC Open Captioned
PSE Pidgin Signed English
RERC Rehabilitation Engineering Research Center
RF Radio Frequency
SD Speech Discrimination
SEE Signed Exact English
SLP Speech Language Pathologist
SLT Speech Language Therapist
SRT Speech Reception Threshold
SSD Social Security Disability
SSI Supplemental Security Income
SSPL Saturation Sound Pressure Level (HA adjustment)
TA Technical Assistance
TAP Technical Assistance Program
TDD Telecommunications Device for the Deaf (invented name for TTY)
TT Text Telephone (little used name for TTY)
TTY Teletypewriter like device that sends characters over the phone
TV Television
UCL UnConfortable Level
VCO Voice Carry Over
VR Vocational Rehabilitation


Shari said...

Wow. That's a intensive list. :) Funny thing, I didn't realize that CA was communicatons asst. I just thought it was a part of a relay operator's ID number. I learned something. :) I haven't been using my TTY lately.

I think decibel is dB, not db. Maybe I'm wrong, though. I just see dB all the time. And, for me, captial DB means deaf-blind, AADB means American Association of the Deaf-Blind. I know you are just using acronyms relating to deafness, though.

I can't think of anything to add.

Frieda said...

That IS an extensive list! Now, if I can only remember how to text stuff...