Sunday, December 21, 2008

Redskins Ordered To Continue Captions

To the Hearing Loss Association of America Members, Remember on the cover of the HLAA magazine Reed Doughty of Washington Redskins for the NOV/DEC 2008 issue? Well the great news is Redskins Fans can now ENJOY watching football all over again at the games..

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I think this is wonderful that the LAW passed to provide Captions for the deaf/hh in Washington. Honestly THIS IS HOW IT SHOULD BE! I also think every sport should have Captions on their screens such as BASEBALL,NFL, HOCKEY. Its not fair to us and we want to be included. I really would love to see in NEW YORK especially considering there are alot of deaf/hh people out here for Captioning at baseball games especially the NEW YORK METS!! Im a big baseball fan.. and this year in 114 days there will be a new stadium. You would think they would put Captions on for us. Nope They wouldnt want to SPEND THE MONEY.. BUT... they have a "DEAF AND HARD OF HEARING DAY".. and honestly last year going to that game to support hearing loss, THEY DIDNT DO ANYTHING. I complained and the reason why they didnt do anything is because "stadium was being knocked down". They didnt want to spend money. In all honesty they shouldnt of put " Deaf and Hard of Hearing Awareness day" if they didnt want to support us!

Maybe someday soon this can happen if someone decides to sue just like they did for football team in WASHINTON. Thats the only WAY people are going to learn!

Does your favorite TEAM have Captions at their games on the screen??? If not, Complain...

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