Thursday, March 24, 2011

Mapping March 21, 2011

On March 21, 2011. I had to run into the city because my implant was hurting my ear. Everytime there was a sound my hear hurt. It was bazzare for like a few days. I couldnt wait 4 weeks for my 3rd mapping. I went in by myself because mom was having surgery down the block. My audiologist took three ELECTRODES off because those electrodes where giving me the pain. We went through a series of beeps and I had to tell her when it hurt me. That is taken care of. I was hearing in the room I felt comfortable with the settings she made it even louder. She tested me with some words, I got them all correct. BUT.... heres the thing. The moment she walked me into the waiting room area I couldnt understand what she was saying and I felt like it was WAY TOO LOW! I was upset because I couldnt hear what the Secretary was saying to me " we have to make an appointment for your 3rd mapping in 3 weeks." So I didnt understand why I couldnt hear her. Then I couldnt hear the taxi driver. Ohgod now im upset. So In the room is a hudge difference from going outside in a regular setting so Im kind of upset because I was hearing fine. So now I have to wait till April 7th for my 3rd mapping and I guess Ill have her BLAST IT lol. It seems lower than before because I was able to hear conversations etc. Im guessing maybe because 3 electrodes are off. I DONT KNOW I need some opinions please that would be greatly appreciated. I do HEAR THINGS like my niece screaming " D" like I did with my 2nd mapping and I hear the keyboard still and MY OWN VOICE but for some REASON I cant hear other peoples voices its pretty low. I hear it BUT I CANT make out what is being said.

Two days ago I went to a board meeting because Im a member of my local HLAA chapter and this was the 1st MEETING I went to with my implant. There were just 5 of us we sit at a round table. It was HARD. I was getting upset and I was relying on LIPREADING THE ENTIRE TIME. I was exhausted. But then as we leave we didnt realize it was snowing so bad and it was icy tooo the snow just wouldnt stop coming down. As my friend driving all sudden I HEAR " TIC TIC TIC TIC TIC" I asked her WHAT IN THE WORLD IS THAT SOUND? I never heard that before... Happens to be FLEET. It was coming down really hard. PRETTY NEAT! Like I said I heard it and its pretty low so I was happy about that. As Im walking into my driveway to go to back door I hear that SAME NOISE above me coming from my UMBRELLA. I didnt want to get my implant wet so I had an umbrella with me. Same sound. TIC TIC TIC TIC. I was glad i heard the fleet for the 1st time in my life. I never heard that with my hearing aids before. I didnt even know almost everything makes a sound. Its amazing experience.

My next appointment for my 3rd mapping is April 7th. I can hear my voice right now but I cant hear peoples voices weird I did before. So I alot of things to mentain to her so I have to keep track of all this. I know it will be fixed I was just a little dissapointed.

So for all MY CI FRIENDS I need your advice.... I dont wantt to have to keep going back and forth to the city just to tune it up every 2 weeks! A friend of mine recomended & told me that SHE HAS THE SAME PROBLEM AS ME. So Im glad im not alone. What she does is she goes into the LOBBY or waiting area during the mapping to see if its LOUD enough then goes back to the audiologist room. Is there any other Suggestions for me??? It would be greatly appreciated. I am going to try this for my next mapping I just hope they dont think im CRAZY! LOL.

I also hear my new printer its so LOUD! It makes all these weird wiring noises something like " cha cha cha."

Also-- she didnt want to change programs on my remote. WELL shes going to kill me because Im on program 3 instead of 1 she wanted me to stay 1 week on progam 1 etc, 1 week on program 2 etc... Its to LOW EVEN on 3. So im suppose to do this because we are trying to figure out WHAT PROGRAM IS BEST FOR ME this way we just stick with that one program. But im postive Im patience well this week I havent been lol. But I know April will be here soon. I just feel like its LOWER than my 2nd mapping which makes no sense even though it isnt its LOUDER. & I keep saying Its only the begining.

Thanks for listening!


Anonymous said...

Yeah my CI is loud too and I had CI over 8 years. I could suffer recruitment hearing, or it could be because I was born deaf, or just a bad CI??? Anyway, I still wear it but keep it low as possible

Charlotte said...

Like you I had few glitches during first few months with my CI, I kept going back. The audiologist was very happy to help me. If it's not right, I email her saying this and that and she'll either say try other program or book me in for a new map which is usually the next day. The first 6 months I was at the audiologist so many times that I lost count. I am now nearly 3 years post CI, I know I have had 100 mappings done. In the past 1 year it had settled down and I am hearing really well.

Danielle said...

Anonymous- I had recrutment all my life as well. I dont think its a bad CI. You should tell your audi maybe they can adjust it better for you.

Charlotte-I am glad you are hearing well. I am doing much better. I will be going back for an apt on April 7th.