Thursday, March 10, 2011

Day 1 & 2 with my Implant

On March 9th, 2011 when woke up I was so happy couldn't wait to put on my implant. All sudden I started to hear sounds on program 4 n the map is on pretty low. Didnt realize how low it was until I wore it today. My implant is amazing. I have heard so many sounds yesterday. Here is the list:

1- my voice for the fist time ( I sound like a robot right now) BUT today March 10th it is a little clearer. My Niece calling my name " D" is priceless!

2- the wind

3- the keyboard and my mouse

4- texting someone on my cell phone

5-water running

6- When I was on the phone with my Left ear ( good ear) I heard some of what the recording said in my R ear! I couldnt believe it it was all mumbled though the robot sounds. AMAZING. I dont even know if thats normal!

7- I can hear one syllable words ex: Cat, Bat , Mat , Car etc.

8- the door shutting.

9- the TV I was watching Nick Jr with my niece and I heard the puppets but I didnt know what they were saying.

10- my brother in law chewing his food my mom saids its very very loud and I didnt realize what that sound was!

11- My mom played my nieces toy piano that was in the den while i was in the kitchen.At first I thought it was the back door but it wasnt.

AND so much more the list can go on forever...

Yesterday I practiced alot mostly all day with my 1 year old niece. It sure did help! I was exhausted but I was amazed at what I was hearing already.

Today March 10th, 2011 I woke up and practiced with this program I received in my kit. I love it. I practiced one syllable words and Pure tones and Voice recognition figuring out if it was male/female voices.

My results for the Pure tones I scored 92%.

Environmental sounds I scored 80% I got a few wrong what I got wrong WIND BLOWING OR CRICKET. It was a cricket sound not the wind. I never heard a cricket before. I was confused so I just guess on that one. I still did pretty good.

Then The Vowel Recognition results was 84% and the confused pairs that either a male or female was saying was Leap-Lope, Jack-Jock, Could-Ked, Yawn-yed. I was having a little trouble with those but remember its on very low.

Overall, I am very positive. It has been an amazing 2 days for me. I am very happy with my progress today is much CLEARER & I'm picking up alot more sounds.

I wanted to share this will you all. I know many of you were waiting for details. I cant believe all these amazing sounds I'm hearing & its only Day 2. I found out that I have a few hair cells left & my auditory memory helps!

Here is a picture of me with my Cochlear Implant on. I have to wear whats called a HOOK I think thats what its called the terms are still new to me. The hook keeps the implant on my ear because my ears are very tiny the implant fell off during activation. I love it and I forget its even on my head.

( Please Do Not Take Pictures without asking for approval.) Thanks!

So next week I'm going to ask my Audi to turn it up higher.

I should be back tomorrow.




Joey @ Big Teeth and Clouds said...

I loved reading this! Soon you'll be a champ at identifying cricket noises!

Danielle said...

Thanks Joey!

Frieda said...

I am soooo impressed and excited for you!

Rob Diehl said...

Congratulations! This must be very exciting for you. I remember getting my first pair of hearing aids and was amazed at just how much I was missing before. I'm so happy for you.