Wednesday, March 9, 2011

March 8th, 2011 Activation Day!

Yesterday was Activation day for me. I was so nervous I only slept 3 hours and woke up at 7:45am I just couldn't sleep. At 10am I left the house and then it just starting to kick in from there.My friend & I arrived in NYC about 11:45 which was really early but I rather be early than late especially I have to learn how to get here and there are so many different ways. So finally 1:30 comes and I was walking towards the building and I just took a deep breath. 2pm came I'm still sitting in the waiting room 2:10pm finally comes and my audiologist comes to gets me. Then I started shaking LOL! I was thinking what it would be like to hear my niece and things I couldn't hear before even with my hearing aids. The appointment was 2 hours. Finally the processor comes out and I love love the color glad I choose my hair color ( BROWN). Its perfect! My audiologist explained the pieces of my processor the Coil, magnet etc. I sware I never learned so much in such a short amount of time it was overwhelming. Finally the processor goes on my head I didnt feel the magnet at all. Then ALL SUDDEN I hear this tiny beep. I NEVER HEARD LOW BEEPS IN MY LIFE! IT WAS AMAZING. Most of the time I was straining but I HEARD IT!! I DIDNT CARE. I heard the loud ones too. When you talk it sounds like ROBOT and when it first came on it was alot she had to turn it down. She put it all the way on but then I started getting a headache ( OF ALL TIMES) I think because my brain wasnt used to all that noise. Its MUFFLED but she said it was normal. I was having trouble sometimes with the beeps because I didnt know if it my TINNITUS or not my TINNTUS has been the worst since surgery & very LOUD. So we went over my kit we kept the processor on low and the control on volume 10 it goes up to. I love this control because i dont have to take off my processor to switch a program! I can just touch a button & that it. Its very light I dont even feel it.

I have videos but unfortunately It wont let me post them so your going to have to wait till next week for a short 5 minute video. Being that the video is 1 hour I was having problems uploading! :( But I promise next week I will have a video. I will be taking a picture that I will post in a few days!

It was an amazing Activation and like I said I couldnt believe I was hearing that low. She kept it on low due to my HEADACHES ergh. I go back on March 15th Im going to ask her to turn it up.


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