Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Yesterday's 2nd Mapping Results

Yesterday my friend & I went into the city for my 2nd mapping. I am doing very well and I told my audiologist what I have been hearing since day 2 with my implant and she was really happy for me. Then I told her that I want her to make it loud because I hear conversations but its so low to figure out what people are saying. Although I did hear one syllable words ( cat, bat fail ) on that program. It was low so she adjusted it. Its where I want it to be. So I am conmfortable at first when I left it was just too loud Im assuming because its just NYC and its loud and its never quiet. When I got home it was comfortable so I will leave it on this program. Im loving the control that comes with the Nucelus 5 this way I dont have to take off my implant and can just touch a button to either low it or put it louder so i love this option. Its conveient. The great news is that she put in the testing booth after she did my mapping and I did very well she told me to repeat a few words: " SAY THE WORD AIRPLANE, SAY THE WORD HOT DOG, SAT THE WORD POPCORN". I was so confident and I was so happy I heard almost all of her words. She said I did terrific! I couldnt believe it I wanted to do just jump up and down lol.

My 1st audiogram with my cochlear Implant on I hear 10db!!!!! How cool is that? Here is a picture of the audiogram. I couldnt believe it I left the office with a big smile on my face.

Then after we left the meeting I went to an HLAA meeting which I always enjoy going to because I learn so much from the meetings and I love meeting new people who have hearing loss just like me. We know how to communicate with eachother and they are just friendly people. The meeting was about WALK4HEARING which they showed a video. I liked the video because it explains the purpose of HLAA ( Hearing Loss Association of America) and the point of the WALK4HEARING and what they do with the money that is donated. This was my first meeting with my cochlear implant it was interesting. It took me a litle while to figure out the Telecoil switch. A telecoil switch for those of you that dont know is a switch you can touch on your implant and you will AUTOMATICALLY hear the person talking in your ears! I love it! They are on the latest hearing aids as well. I was able to hear somewhat of what the speaker was saying. Everyone was so happy for me and glad I was doing well. I also got to meet a new friend of mine that is in charge of all the state newsletters as well as my newsletter that I make every month for my local chapter. She is a great person and I was delighted to meet her!

I forgot to mentain that I will be going back in a month for my 3rd mapping and at that mapping my audiologist said she is going to turn on the TELEPHONE switch and some other programs! So excited! I am loving my audio cable that lets me listen to music.

Cant believe its almost 2 weeks with my Cochlear Implant!


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Oh my! What a great report card!