Sunday, May 22, 2011

Being Misunderstood...

For those of you that know me and follow my journey many of you know that with a Cochlear Implant/ Hearing Aids either your child or yourself DOESN'T HEAR EVERYTHING with the device on. We all know THAT IS NOT THE CASE. I KNOW ALL OF YOU WILL AGREE WITH ME ON THIS!!!!

People ALWAYS ASSUME JUST BECAUSE I HAVE MY COCHLEAR IMPLANT ON means that I CAN HEAR THEM! Even before I had my implant, wearing hearing aids people always thought since I have it on I CAN HEAR THEM FINE! " you have your hearing aids on." I would thank to myself " YEAH AND?" NO that is NOT THE CASE. I wish it was.

Thankfully I got very lucky hearing so well with my implant being that its only 3 months but I am still learning, and have along way to go. Its only the beginning. There are times I need someone help.

For ex: Last Night I went to dunkin donuts and I couldn't understand the cashier that didn't speak English so I asked the person that was next to me if he could repeat what he was saying.

Hearing people I am tired of being misunderstood I really am. If I have an Implant on and If I don't respond to you that means I did not hear you. I am not ignoring you.

I understand that you wont ever have a clue what its like to LIVE WITH DEAFNESS or HEARING LOSS until your in my shoes.... but please stop saying to me
" YOU HAVE YOUR IMPLANT ON" because it does make me feel awful.

This happened to me 2x yesterday. I just dont want to be misunderstood anymore...

The worst part of it all is I talk like a hearing person you wouldn't know if I was deaf until I told you. This doesn't help much in this kind of situation. Sometimes I do think that If I didn't speak so well that It would help remind people I cant hear. Although I am very thankful for all that speech support I had since I was a baby.

Have you ever felt misunderstood about your hearing loss?
Feel Free to leave comments would love to hear from you :)


Frieda Loves Bread said...

Speaking well as a hard of hearing or deaf person is a curse and a blessing. A blessing that others can understand you, a curse that it doesn't remind others that you cannot hear very well.

Annie said...

Yes, you will always have to tell people you are hearing impaired, and your implant helps you a great deal, but you still cannot understand everything that is said to you.

I have to tell people all the time, "my aids help, but I need repeats from you too".

I enjoy your reports on how you are doing, and I think you are fine, doing great with your implant, sorry people expect so much from it,up to you to explain its limitations.