Friday, May 20, 2011

Learning many new things about my Cochlear Implant

So much has been going on. Remember my last post I said my backup processor that was brand new, never used just didn't want to turn on? Well.. turns out that I am getting a refurbish implant regardless if you just got activated that's what you get. I didn't like the sound of that at all because I just received it and already something isn't working. Also because that is not what I was told. Yes I understand that's life but It just came out of the kit! LOL. I was originally told that I was getting a brand new one well good thing I checked online and I found out myself that it was going to be refurbished. They lied to me over the phone :( I was a little disappointed because one person tells me one story and then the other person tells me a different one. Whatever. It's over with it is what it is. I didn't even think they would have refurbish processors yet being that is so NEW*. Only my luck lol. I am still waiting patiently for my backup processor. I have to send the old one back and they will see what the problem is. My audiologist called yesterday and gave them my mapping. So I should have my backup soon within a few days. It was alot of stress and calls but thankfully it is taking care of and someone finally knew what they were talking about on the phone! I have learned alot though and this WILL NOT STOP ME FROM MY HEARING JOURNEY! In life you live and learn yeah I was a bit frustrated because I had to many different stories going and I'm new to this and I didn't know what to do. Its all taken care of so now I am happy once again.

I learned new things too during the last few days. I am going away 2x this summer. The HLAA Convention will be my first trip with my implant. I have alot of gathering to do I DO NOT know what equipment I need to bring for my implant. I don't want to bring my rechargeable battery pack and then the charger just to recharge my REMOTE! It is alot just to charge a small remote. So I was hoping that there was another alternative and there is.

Nuc 5 users in your kit you get the Nucleus Remote Assistant Charging Kit inside has a USB cable and a wall outlet plug. All you gotta do is bring your USB cable and the small wall outlet plug. Plug one side into your Remote Assistant and the other into the wall outlet charger then plug it into the WALL. It is so Simple! If you TRAVEL with a computer you can also charge the remote this way by simply putting the USB cord into the computer then the other piece into the wall outlet charger then into the wall. However, I was told doing it this way MAY TAKE A LITTLE BIT LONGER TO CHARGE! So keep this in mind. I don't know if that is the case. I will get back to you on that. I did test it to see if it works by plugging it into the wall and the remote lets you know its charging. The less stuff I bring the better.
Here are two pictures for a better understanding if you are confused.

Another thing I learned is Warranty Information. It can get CONFUSING! If you look in the book DEPENDING on where you live US. 3 YEAR warranty for processor then 1 year warranty for coil, coil cable, battery etc. Then friends on Facebook said that Cochlear gives you an additional extra 2 years for the Coil, Coil cable and so on. I called to double check sure enough Facebook friends are correct. So that's great because I got worried because the implant already failed. I wanted to make sure I know this warranty info down pat and in the book it said different.

So depends on where you LIVE! I live in the US! You get 3 years for the Processor & 3 years for the coil, coil cable & coil magnet. HOWEVER...... You only get 1 YEAR yes 1 YEAR! for the REMOTE ASSISTANT! After that 1 year there is NO* INSURANCE to purchase for the REMOTE. If the remote breaks out of the warranty you can just purchase a new one on the store. It is alot to know. It also can get very expensive once you are OUT OF WARRANTY. So my advice for all of you... ONCE YOUR WARRANTY IS UP... Call the company and find out how much the warranty plans are for the year. For ex: Once my 3 years is up Im going to call cochlear and I'm going to purchase a 1 year warranty program. Unfortunately you have to pay for it EVERY YEAR. So the warranty only lasts you 1 year you can always renew it after the year is up.

I wanted to TELL YOU ALL that DO NOT LET THIS GET YOU DOWN or DISCOURAGE YOU. To be honest I got upset because I was frustrated with different information I was told. It is overwhelming but I wouldn't change it for the world. Just like my friend said CAN YOU HEAR? and I stopped for a second and realized okay she is right YES I CAN HEAR VERY VERY WELL WITH THIS IMPLANT & NOTHING WILL STOP ME FROM MOVING FORWARD. So you live and you learn like I said.

So keep in mind this happens & we have to be thankful we even have this technology out there for US. I don't want you to sit there and be like I DON'T WANT THE IMPLANT NOW BECAUSE IM READING this. DO NOT LET ANYTHING STOP YOU! IF YOU WANT TO HEAR.. DO IT its the best miracle that ever happened to me and I couldn't be any happier.

Wthout all your help and answers on Facebook thank you CI friends your support has been amazing and I cant thank you enough really. I don't know what I would do without all of you. Thank you also for the nice emails. I am glad many of you enjoy reading my blog. This is what its all about you meet so many people around the world just like you that deaf or hard of hearing and we learn so much from each other. I cant wait to meet many of you!!!We are going to have a BLAST!

And of course I heard a WHISPER for the first time It was so low so I had to pay close attention BUT I HEARD IT. I'M telling you I NEVER IN MY LIFE with my hearing aids I NEVER heard A WHISPER BEFORE with my mod-severe loss. It was a cool feeling to hear that. I also heard my fan didn't realize where the sound was coming from but then I realize that was the only thing on in my room.

It gets better and better everyday and I am the happiest person ever! I really am. This is the best gift ever to be able to hear especially my niece babbling and trying to have a conversation with me is PRICELESS. She finally signs MORE & BALL !!!!!! YAYYY all my hard work has paid off.

Enjoy this beautiful day!

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