Sunday, May 29, 2011

Marlee Matlin & John Rich from Celebrity Apprentice

I watched this show because Marlee Matlin was in it. I thought she did an amazing job on this show. She won 1 MILLION DOLLARS for Starkey Hearing Foundation in a few episodes back.

Here is the last episode of Marlee signing For the kids. Its not captioned but for those of you that know ASL you can watch. I thought this was done nicely. I was a bit surprised Marlee didn't win on the last episode.

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Anonymous said...

In my books Marlee did win the last task. There were no glitches. Trump gave it to John Rich because he wanted the donor money to stay in the country but it was unfair to those that put the time into the last task and the viewers.
Trump changed the rules week to week to suit himself so the show is no longer a contest.