Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Smoke Alarm Designed for the Hearing Impaired

Remember my old post from a few months ago about Fire Safety at my local HLAA chapter? Well this caught my attention as I have friends all over the world that read my blog.I cant stress this issue enough. The other day I received this awful email from my friend and I wanted to show this with you all because I want you to be AWARE that it is so IMPORTANT if you have a hearing loss that you have the proper equipment for EMERGENCIES!

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It is about a person who didn't have smoke alarm. Didnt realize there was a FIRE. Couldn't even hear her own child. SHE WAS DEAF. It was only a few days away until she was receiving her Lifetone Detector. The video itself is NOT CAPTIONED however BELOW the video is written word for word.

I hope you all PURCHASE this detector!
For those of you that want to purchase this LIFETONE alarm clock
CLICK HERE It is on sale for $140.00 usually it cost around $250.00 It is expensive but it is a LIFE SAVING detector that will save your life! This product will last you many years and is also a Clock, and has a two year warranty.


If you live OUTSIDE of the US and live in UK you can purchase Alarms at
Connevans Limited

I am so thankful for FDNY because they did provide me and over 50 other members at my local HLAA chapter a free LIFETONE alarm clock! THANK YOU THANK YOU!

Have a great night!

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