Friday, May 13, 2011

Mapping #4 Results

Yesterday on May 12, 2011 I went into the city for my 4th mapping. I have only been activated for 2 months. First my audiologist put me in the sound booth for about 5 minutes just to see if I’m hearing sounds. I heard it all. I hear in the normal range on the audiogram which is 0-10 decibles with my implant on. I am so amazed how well I am during. It is a miracle. She couldn’t believe that I didnt even have to look at her to have a conversation ( old habit). My audiologist said that she hasn't seen amazing results since she started at the clinic.
Then we went into the room and I asked her questions. First I told her that my implant falls off my head when my hair is down and because my curly hair is so thick sigh. She showed me what a HUGGIE was and we tried to test it out but it was too small and it didnt fit my implant. Then I told her my backup processor which I never used YET that was sitting in the case still WONT TURN ON. We both tried to figure out the problem she tested it with the coil, put new disposable batteries in, changed batteries, even put it on the computer and it would just not TURN ON! After about 5 tries we gave up and have no idea why it wont turn on. Maybe its the light? but it cant be she said because you hear no sound. That is odd. It has only been sitting in the everyday case for 2 months! I called cochlear they are sending me a new one right away. They are going to map it all this way I don't have to run back into the city. Good thing I listened to my friends that said GO GET YOUR BACKUP. I would have never done that if my implant wasn’t sounding weird for about 20 minutes the other day. I should receive my new processor in about a week they said.

I told her I want the mapping a little bit longer but not too loud so she tweaked it a little bit. Then she said lets practice so hard words say the word AH-BA, AH-CA,
AH-ZA, AH-MA, AH-TA. I got them all correct even with the loud city noise and the window opened that we tried to shut. AMAZING! SIMPLY AMAZING.

Lastly she said next month before I go to the convention she wants to see me. She is going to do a full evaluation on me this time to see how I have been doing for the past 3 months. She is also going to put on a few new programs such as “ NOISE PROGRAM”. It is still too soon that is why she didn't do it today. She wants me to hear everything get used to all the noise first. So next month im excited she is turning that on.

I explained to her I was having trouble at the restaurant for mother’s day. I was able to hear my brother in law across from me but not my mom sitting next to me. It was so loud in that restaurants. She even said people that don't have a hearing loss have a problem hearing at restaurants. Overall Im doing amazing. I am so happy. The best decision I ever made.

Yesterday when I left the office I used the phone to call my mother to tell her the news. I heard her so much better. All I did was put the phone to my ear. PRICELESS!

On June 7th I will be going for another mapping as well as the first full evaluation.

Thank you all for all the support!

Have a great weekend


Melinda said...

congrats on your CI. sounds like its doing great! ive briefly read through some of your blog posts & im finding it very enjoyable. My daughter is deaf, wears HA's we are not sure if she needs a CI for her right ear or not yet. But from reading your blog is sounds having the CI gives u much more access to sound which is what we want for her. Look forward to hearing more about your Ci journey :)

Danielle said...

Melinda, thank you so much for the nice comments. glad you enjoy reading this blog. I have had bilateral SNHL all my life was mod-severe then lost all of my hearing in my Right about 2 years ago. The best thing I have ever done was get the implant.