Saturday, June 9, 2012

Audiological 3 month post re-implantation Evaluation

Today I received my results from the evaluation.

History: In February 2011, Danielle was implanted with a Nucleus C1512 cochlear implant in her right ear. In January of 2012, her device was explanted ( due to reports of intermittency, poor sound quality and static) and she was re implanted with a Nucleus Freedom cochlear implant. Her primary mode of communication is through spoke language; she is also fluent in American Sign Language.

  Hearing: Danielle's unaided hearing in her left (un-implanted) ear was assessed as part of this evaluation responses to pure tone stimuli were consistent and repeatable under inster earphones. Danielle demonstrated a moderate sloping to profound hearing loss in her left ear from 250-8000 Hz.

Technology: Danielle came to this evaluation using a MAP in her CP810- speech processor composed in the ACE processing strategy in her right cochlear implant. She was also tested with her own Oticon behind- the-ear  BTE hearing aid coupled to her left ear. She was tested by means of standard audiometry in the soundfield. Responses to narrow band noise were considered to be of good reliability, indicating threshold levels of 10-20 dBHL for the frequency range of 250-6000 Hz with her cochlear implant, and 20-50 dBHL for the frequency range of 250-4000 Hz with her hearing aid. Speech awareness threshold were obtained to low " ba", mid "sh" and high " s" frequency speech stimuli at 5, 5 and 20 dBHL respectively with her cochlear implant and 15, 30 and 30 dBHL respectively with her hearing aid. These findings indicted that Ms. N has full access to speech at normal and soft conversational levels when using her cochlear implant and partial access with her hearing aid.

Speech Perception: Speech discrimination testing was performed at this evaluation using her cochlear implant and hearing aid. 

CNC word list - Condition- 50dBHL , Right CI  scored 72%
AZ Bio Condition- 50dBHL,  Right CI scored   85%
CNC Word List-  Right CI & Hearing aid- Score  28%
AZ Bio- Right CI & Hearing aid - Score 70%
Recorded- Right CI & Hearing aid- Score 30%

Danielle scores for word and sentence recognition in quiet were judged to be fairly good using the cochlear implant ALONE. Scores in this condition are essentially stable since her previous evaluation in August 2011 (6 months post initial cochlear implant). Score in the bimodal ( CI + HA) condition are significantly lower than scores using the cochlear implant alone. However, it is important to note that today was the first time Ms. N used her hearing aid in combination with her CI.

1- Continue full time use of cochlear implant.
2- Try using hearing aid in combination with cochlear implant to see if bimodal benefit exists.

Isn't this a great evaluation? I hear very very well with my implant alone. I have to use my hearing aid as well. Which I havent done yet because that day was so overwhelming. To much sound. My audiologist really wants me to have surround sound though. I'll try it tomorrow.

I dont understand anything on the letter what dBHL and 250-6000 Hz means? I am so confused LOL.  

Hope you are having a great day!

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Stephen M. Young II said...

dBh is how loud it is and Htz is what the pitch is... like going up and down the scale on a piano higher is higher.

Stephen M. Young II said...


What is your subjective opinion of your hearing now? How do you feel like you are hearing.

I am trudging along. Wish it was better, but glad it is steadily improving.

Danielle said...

Thanks Stephen! I am hearing amazing... although I should be wearing my hearing aid along with my CI but I am not ready for it maybe tomorrow lol.

Glad you are doing good. This takes time nothing happens overnight but I can tell you that if you have time to practice with books on tapes that could possibly help you. I know it has helped alot of people.

I do not practice because I dont need to thankfully. There are times though i dont get the full story or especially around background noise but thank god for the noise program! Where if I am at a diner I can just hit the noise program on my remote and its blocks out the background noise which is awesome.