Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Hearing Evaluation

Today I went into the city for my first hearing evaluation for my new processor.
My audiologist said I did extremely well with the implant. I heard all these low tones which
I never heard before. Then Jill put on a cd rom, I had to repeat back each sentence. This was pretty easy but this one man tone of voice was hard I started getting frustrated. His voice sounded muffled. The second time I had to repeat long sentences with background noise. I did okay with that. But, again that mans voice was so deep I had a hard time hearing what he was saying with the background noise.

I was also told to bring my hearing aid for my left ear today. Jill told me she wanted to test me with both the hearing aid and CI. This was my first time using my hearing aid with my implant. The sound was very overwhelming and also different. I had a hard time hearing my voice. I also had a hard time with sentences this time with both ears. It turns out that she wants me to use my left hearing aid because I havent worn a hearing aid in a few years in my left ear. Lastly, I was tested just for my left ear to see that ear is doing by itself. My hearing is still the same its severe- profound. For the next few days I have to wear my hearing aid for a while. I dont want to but she advised me to because my left ear hasn't had any hearing. She wants me to have surround sound.

In a few days I will be getting the report. I will be writing a post on that as well.

Time to time I have been thinking why was I born with a hearing loss. So today I asked my audiologist  if there is a test to see why I was born this way. She advised me to speak with my surgeon its called " Genetic testing". She did mention that a lot of parents who have deaf children do this. I have seen alot of parents do testing for their child. This would be nice to find out why. I am going to make an appointment with my suregon tomorrow.

The other night I saw this video after signing out of my mail. I was surprised to see a video like this on yahoo. Check this out A boy hears his mom for the first time.  This video made me so happy.

Technology is AWESOME!

Have a good night.. I will be back tomorrow.

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