Saturday, June 2, 2012

Hearing in the pool for the first time

A few days ago I spent the afternoon in the pool with my niece, my cousin and sisters. I wore my N5 processor. For the first time I heard the waterfall! I was able to communicate with ease. I was even able to hear everyone's conversation. On top of all the conversations I heard the music blasting. 

When I first stepped into the pool the sounds were overwhelming to me because this is something I never heard before. At first I thought it was a dream. Sometimes its weird to hear sounds I never heard before.  Honestly, I thought it was normal to not hear most of my life. I heard some sounds but nothing compared to what I hear now.  To tell you the truth I never thought I would be able to hear. 

This experience is so amazing to be able to hear. Hearing in the pool especially wiht my niece around is priceless. I know the N5 is " WATER RESISTANT" but I was afriad to go under water for a second. I really want to try this. Any suggestions? 

I know a lot of children from their blogs go into the pool with the N5 but I dont know what I would have to use since im an adult.  

Can you even hear sounds under water?
Have you went under water with your processor? If so what do you use to protect your processor?

I would really like to try this one time! Just to say I have experienced this. 

Thanks Cochlear!!!!!!!! For this amazing experience. 

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spherescamp said...

Just do the same thing the kids do. Most parents put the processor (magnet and all) in a Lok Sak ( and use a swim cap to make sure the magnet stays on. You have to use rechargeable batteries for this to work.