Tuesday, June 26, 2012

X- Ray's

Today, I had to get some X rays done of my spine, legs and neck.  I was nervous to step foot into the X-Ray room with my processor on. I am aware that I can have x rays done just not MRI's.

The first thing I did was tell the technician I was deaf and without my implant I cannot hear. I also told her I cannot have MRI's. She even knew what a cochlear Implant was and new that I couldn't have MRI's. I was surprised.

For the first x-ray she told me to take off the processor. Then for the rest of the x rays I  left my put processor on. This was nice to communicate with such ease when she was around the bend by the computer. I even hear the machine talking slowly saying " Breath in" " Breath out".   I even heard a new sound today while she was moving the monitor I heard a beeping sound.   Totally awesome. I will probably brag forever once again being able to hear saved my life because its one LESS thing I have to worry about.

Then I had to get more blood work done today. I heard this new sound. I cant explain it but when the technician put the needle in my arm and put the tube in. Thats what i heard the Tube making a clicking noise. Last Friday when I had blood work done I didnt hear that!

On top of a very very busy month with Dr.'s the best thing hearing is a little princess saying
"Aunt D I love you with all my heart" or " Aunt D I love you so much" as she squeezes my leg so tight.


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