Wednesday, January 25, 2012

1 week since surgery..

Wow. Time flies. Today is already one week since surgery. This recovery was the hardest believe it or not. The first time around was easier. The first three days I couldn't stop vomiting, then out of nowhere my nose just kept running like a water foundation and sneezing too! Boy that hurt. My god for the last 4 days I been sneezing every 10 seconds and I cant stand it. I was told to sneeze with my mouth no nose because If I dont it will strain the ear. Then wait it gets better I started to get a Low grade fever on Jan 19th and 20th. Shaking shivering. What a nightmare thats all I got to say!  Oh I forgot to mention I am so dizzy its pretty bad. This took affect when I came home.  My Dr. said its normal but seriously I never experienced anything like this ever. Im holding onto walls...

Last week on Wednesday Jan 18Th., when I came home after surgery that night, I started feeling some pain. After that I had no pain what so ever. THANK GOD. Two days ago I started to get overwhelmed and upset because I was hoping I wasn't getting sick. There is way to much going on at once and this is something I dont need on my plate right now, after everything I been through.

Next week I have an appointment to see my surgeon so he can check the incision. I am suppose to see him this week 7-10 days after surgery, but I cant get there because I just started class again. Right now the incision looks a little crusty and bloody. This better be normal. The first time around the incision was not like this at all. I'm a bit worried but I'm sure it is nothing.

I started class on Monday I literally pushed myself to go to school.My entire family kept telling me I was crazy for going. I slicked my hair back and was a wreck my hair looked like bozo the clown. I was dizzy on top of it all. I wanted to get there and get right home and sleep. I didn't want to miss the first day. Monday was a lot for me especially right after surgery.  I only have one class this semester so it was only an hour and I came right home and slept.

Yesterday I started to feel so much better. Yes I know things take time and my recovery takes so much longer because of my illness on top of it all. I have no more runny nose & sneezing just magically stopped. My nose is so red, I look like Rudolph. So I am just dealing with the dizziness. Phew. Its over!

Honestly this is just my opinion.... I dont think I can go through this ever again. Most of it is part of  my illness. This was a lot for me. I am exhausted and I have slept so many hours in the last week. But, this will all be worth it so I can hear my niece again.  I cant wait for activation because my niece keeps talking to me. I have no clue whats she saying and it breaks my heart. I just want to hear how her day was at daycare and I cant yet no matter how close she gets. I hear nothing.

Thank you once again for all the support....

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Annie said...

So sorry you have been so sick. Keeping you in y thoughts and prayers.

: )