Thursday, January 26, 2012

Hanging in there...

 I'm so dizzy that I have to hold onto the walls and sometimes I fall. I also see a lot of stars in my eyes every time  I blink and feel like im off balance. Three days ago the surgeon said this is "normal'. but I feel like this has gotten worst in the last few days. Tomorrow I had an appointment to see my surgeon for a 7 day check up, but it is way to much for me to go into NYC by train alone when I can barely walk around the house.

Today was a very rough day on top of the rain all day. I felt like I wanted to give up today because I am pushing myself so hard to go to school to finish. Physically and mentally, I know I shouldn't of went back. This class is three days a week. But, I wont GIVE UP!!!! If I cant handle it by next week then I am going to have to drop.... I pushed myself to far today.

 For the weekend I am just relaxing and sleeping as much as possible. Hoping monday will be much better so I can focus in school.

The incision looks thicker this time :(

Have a good night!

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