Friday, January 13, 2012

5 more days till surgery....

I am getting really nervous for re-implantation. Today I found out surgery is at 9am on Wednesday January 18th, 2012. I have to be at the hospital two hours early for pre op, no later than 6:45am.  On Facebook there is a CI group that I belong to and one of the parents was confused.  I  had mentioned that I have been having pain and cannot sleep on my implant side. She suggested that I take the Implant out. So I wanted to clarify this here.  The implant is surgically implanted into my skull, that cannot be removed.

These photos are taking from Cochlear's website.

Here is a picture of the N5 Cochlear Implant that will be removed on Wednesday.

I will be re-implanted with the Nucleus Freedom implant.

The outer part is called the PROCESSOR. I will continue to use the N5 processor once I'm activated again.

I should be back on Jan 19th depending on how I feel.  Have a great night!

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Stephen M. Young II said...

I will be praying for you and your surgery. My implant is from the MED-EL company. It looks a little different, but is mostly the same. Your implant looks like it has two wires coming from the base, though. Mine only has one. Do both of yours go into the cochlea?

By the way, if you want to see pictures of my implant, you can see them in my own blog.

Did you get your insurance thing worked out? I also lost mine right before the surgery. We got it back, but we had to insist a bit.

Danielle said...

Yes both wires go into the Cochlea. Yes I got the insurance all figured out the insurance co made a mistake on there part. Thanks so much for your support...