Monday, January 30, 2012

Not so good news... Saw my surgeon today

I have a lot of crazy symtoms going on. I called my surgeon so many times in the last week, I felt so bad. So mom took off and took me into the city today to see him. I am still very dizzy but I am on Meclizine to calm the dizziness down. This seems to be working so so. I just started it three days ago. It is is going to take awhile to get better.

So Dr A. said I have unusual cervical swelling. Of course its unusual. He said I shouldn't be having any of the symptoms AT ALL. Great! Then on top of an infection I had last week from antibiotic,  I felt a really bad pain about four days ago in the back of my head. The pain woke me up in the middle of the night. The pain is no where near my incision. It hurts like hell its called a lymph note.

 Dr A. knew tried to correct the dizziness. I had to lay all the way back in the chair. As soon as I laid all the way down. I felt so sick. I thought I was going to puke everywhere, then I started to get very hot and cold, then really hot and my entire face turned red. He was doing something with my eyes. Saying something after surgery crystals can be someplace that they shouldn't be and can cause dizziness. Something like that. I dont remember because I couldn't function.

I am on two new medications one is an antibiotic to get rid of the swelling and the lymph note. I am still taking Meclizine two times a day. Then I am on Difulcan to prevent me from another infection. Last week on top of all this I had an infection and it hurt like hell. Thank god that is over with.  So to prevent the same infection i have to take another medication! So I am on four medications for all this drama. Then I got to go to GNC to get Acidophilus because my luck ill end up with another infection!

I am exhausted. I can sleep forever. The entire room is spinning as I speak and I feel so nauseous. I cant take it. I am trying to stay calm. This is the worst experience ever. The only good news out of this is I asked Dr A. If I could move up my Activation date so now my activation date is February 13, 2012.

Dr A. also peeled a lot of scabs off my scar. It was so grose by the look of my moms facial expressions.  The incision feels better it felt so heavy. So now the incision looks the way its suppose to.

I had to cancel class today so I wont be going for this semester. I am very upset over this. I pushed myself so hard to go to school three days after surgery honestly, I couldn't do it. It is going to take me awhile to recover especially with my real illness. So it sucks I am not a happy camper at all. Ill go back in the summer....

Dr A. said I  have to this exercise 3x a day! To get rid of the dizziness. I have to lay flat without a pillow on the bed.Then turn my head all the way to the right as long as I can I have to stay there. Then I have to straighten my head. Repeat again for several times.  I just tried it and it was the worst..... this is going to be FUN!!!!

All of this is a major set back for me but hopefully I will be up and running soon!

This is what my incision looks like after Dr. A cleaned it. He also put ointment on it.

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Stephen M. Young II said...

Wow, Dani. What a terrible experience. This is much more than most people have to go through.

I pray for you daily.

Lisa Baldock said...

dani hang in there - i had an infection too and i had both sides done - all your symptoms are simpliar to what i had before and after op - and now im soo soo much better takes time - they say rest is a goo dhealer - get some arnica ..its herbal might help take some of the swelling down and i shall do lots of healing prayers for you - big special hugs .. it is a horrible dreadful feeling but you gonna get through this i did - lisa x